Friday, August 20, 2010

I'mm Baack!

Well, hello there. I know, I know, it's been a really long time. I have been very busy and out of town a lot lately, but that's no excuse. Well, my goal was to have my closets organized by March 16th. That didn't happen. However, I did get my office/Mary Kay closet cleaned out, painted, and somewhat organized. We painted it a glossy white because it was so dark in there. Now the light bounces around and I can see everything! We also painted the shelves a light pink which match the pink on my Mary Kay products. Now it is officially my "Mary Kay Closet"!  By the way, it was my wonderful husband's idea to paint them pink. He even picked out the pink to match. I love him. All of my products are on shelves and organized. I have half of the closet set aside for cleaning supplies All I need to do for that closet is to organize my gift wrapping supplies. Piece of cake! So my new deadline is September 20th, one month from now to have this all done.

The next project is going to be the library closet and guest room closet so guests can actually hang clothes up and put their suitcases in there. I have boxes full of linens and towels so my plan is to make our coat closet a linen closet by adding shelves. That shouldn't be a huge project, just a one day deal.

I'm excited to get these done finally. We don't have plans to go out of town any time soon, so maybe I'll get some stuff done around here. Here's hoping.