Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well after a 14 month hiatus, I’m ready to blog again.

Since my last posting I’ve had a baby girl named Emma. She is just the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. Aren’t they all? She has helped me to see what is really important in life. I’ve always been aware of what products I use around the house, but now I’m very aware. I don’t want to use anything that could possibly harm her.

There is a website called Skin Deep that rates the safety of products from 0-10. It also informs you if the company conducts animal testing and of any potential health concerns or unsafe ingredients. It is INCREDIBLE and VERY DISAPPOINTING how many companies have potentially harmful ingredients and how many conduct animal testing. I don’t want that around my brand new baby girl. Did you know that Johnson & Johnson not only conducts animal testing but it’s products range from 0-10! Many of their products contain ingredients that have a high risk of “organ system toxicity” or “bioaccumulation.” See the report here. I would call Johnson & Johnson the leader in baby products but I don’t want these types of products on my baby, on any baby for that matter.

Oh, and FYI, I have also been told that talc in baby powder has been linked to ovarian cancer. Some ovarian tumors have been dissected and it has been discovered that some have talc inside. Plain cornstarch would be a much better bet.
California Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby
2 brands that I use and love are California Baby and Earth Mama Angel Baby. Both are all natural and organic. Earth Mama seems to have a better Skin Deep rating (being rated a 0-1 and CA Baby is a 0-2 which is still very good). I have several of the Earth Mama products and I love them all. The CA Baby Calming (a lavander scent) does seem to help Emma to fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer. Earth Mama baby wash is an orange/vanilla scent, however, not all products have that scent. Some smell like yummy spices and seasonings you'd put on chicken or something. You don't get to pick scents. I feel great using both of these brands on Emma. Both can be bought at 

As I clean my house I am going to take a long hard look at what I’m using around my family. I’m going to find better and safer products to use on Emma to expose her to the least amount of risk out there.

By eliminating potentially harmful products, I will have one less thing to worry about and my life will be that much more simple and in control.