Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project # 2- The White Desk (Part 2)

Well, project # 2 is done, however, the desk is no longer white. It is a light, sage green.

We had old mail, work papers, and just everyday stuff piled on it. I took all of that off. I laid all of it on the floor and tried to do it that way. As you can see, the boys were trying to help me. How can I tell that face he was in my way? I made piles out of all of it: "Toss," "File," and "To Do."

I also took off all of the hardware and spray painted it. Spray paint is my new best friend. It is so easy to get a great look. I used a hammered bronze color and I love it. I used an empty box of manicotti shells and stuck all of my screws into it to hold them upright as I sprayed them. I sprayed the key hooks also. Next, I took my leftover green paint (from the 2nd time we painted the kitchen) and used that to paint the entire desk. It did take 2 coats so it required some time to dry. The color is "Restful" by Behr. It is a Kitchen and Bath finish so it is a little shinier than a satin but less than a semi-gloss. I thought this would make it easy to clean when the time comes.

I bought a few wire desk accessories and probably spent about $30 on those, but aren't they so cute?!?

This project has always been one of our biggest problem areas so I'm so relieved that this is decluttered.

I'm 2 projects down, 10 projects and 16 weeks to go. Right on track.


  1. Looks great! I love the picture of Nico and Alfie "helping." Diesel would be trying to eat all the papers. :)